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Unit Description
uAppSettings Option holder for application. Will be saved as XML file
uDocBaseVisitor Base visitor for TDOCTemplate class
uDocClass Base class to represent classes in Delphi language
uDocClassTree Create the tree with all classes from the structure builder
uDocConstant Base class to represent constants in Delphi language
uDocEvent Base class to represent events in Delphi language
uDocField Base class to represent fields in Delphi language
uDocFunction Base class to represent functions in Delphi language
uDocFunctionTypeCommentFixVisitor Function type comment fix visitor for TDOCTemplate class
uDocGenCHM_Tools Resources for CHMGenerator
uDocGeneratorBase Base document generator
uDocGeneratorChm CHM Generator
uDocGeneratorHtml HTML Generator
uDocGeneratorVisitor Base visitor for generators
uDocGeneratorXml XML Generator
uDocGenHtmlVisitor Visitor for HTML generator
uDocGenHTML_Tools Resources for HTMLGenerator
uDocInheritanceFixVisitor Inheritance fix visitor for TDOCTemplate class
uDocInterface Base class to represent interfaces in Delphi language
uDocLibrary Base class to represent Libraries in Delphi language
uDocMember Base class to represent generic member in Delphi language
uDocMethod Base class to represent methods in Delphi language
uDocParameter Base class to represent (method's) parameters in Delphi language
uDocProgram Base class to represent program in Delphi language
uDocProject Main unit of the process side in the project
uDocProperty Base class to represent properties in Delphi language
uDocRecord Base class to represent Records in Delphi language
uDocSortVisitor Sort visitor for TDOCTemplate class
uDocStructure Create the structure of source code component from the result of the Parser
uDocTagCoverage Handle TAGs statistics and verification
uDocTagCoverageVisitor TAG coverage update visitor for TDOCTemplate class
uDocTemplate Base class to represent all components in Delphi language
uDocToNodesVisitor Base visitor for TDOCTemplate class
uDocType Base class to represent types in Delphi language
uDocUnit Base class to represent units in Delphi language
uDocUseUnit Base class to represent use-units in Delphi language
uDocVar Base class to represent variables in Delphi language
uOldOptions Module that centralize all Options.
uOptions Module that centralize all Options.


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