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Discussion Forum

Here is a list of discussion forums, their description, and the link to the content hosted on SourceForge. Please, read the FAQs before posting any question. Remember, posting in the forums will allow other people to read your comments, and maybe help them. So prefer posting instead of sending me directly an email.

Open Discussion (All and nothing about this project)
If you want to say something about DelphiCodeToDoc, or TAGs based comments system, or simply post a comment, this is the right place!

If you are facing a problem with the application, just send a message in this forum But if you think you have enough grasp the issue, feel free to directly post a Tracker.

French Forum - Forum en Français
Ce forum est disponible pour tous ceux qui parlent français. Je n'ai pas le temps de traduire des parties du site web, ni certains documents, mais je peux fournir un support en Français à partir de cette section.
This forum is for anyone who speak my natural language. I don't have time to translate any web site part nor some documents in French, but I can provide a support in French from this section.

Translation Forum
Translators can register and send question about localization of DelphiCodeToDoc application.