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What's new ?

What are the change in the last revision ?
Last revision v0.23beta include the modifications listed below :

* Fixed Parser error with empty @param description (Tracker 2781298)
* Fixed some files not parsed due to specific NTFS attribute (Tracker 2523851)
* Fixed Add option to exclude resourcestrings (Tracker 2736801, 1106583)
* Fixed tag quality dont follow "output filtering category" config (Tracker 1855474)
* Added Pdf generator

What are the known bugs of the software ?
*Some messages are not translated.
*Classes differentiates Fields and Vars, which should be merged.

If you find a problem, please send it by email at TridenT at or Submit a Tracker.

What are the known limitations of the software ?
*Class vars can be comment only with an inline comment just after the declaration
*Only English language is support for generated documentation
*@see TAG in not implemented
*When a project is open, changing the language doesn't work for the configuration page

What will be include or change in the next revisions ?
* Fix critical and major bugs