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FAQ for users

This section will try to answer some common asked questions, so read it before submitting a support request or asking help by mail, thanks.

What will DelphiCodeToDoc do for me ?
It will generate an accurate documentation of your source code, and very important, it will be always up-to-date. It can be your source - if you want other to understand your software, or write a technical specification for your component and/or library - or a third party source, and you will quickly understand the software architecture and the relations between units, classes and all elements of the code.

What does it need ?
You need a Delphi (Pascal object style) source code, with formatted comment. This last point is not a requierement, but highly recommended.

What is JavaDoc and other TAGs commented systems ?
For this point, please see the Supported TAGs systems page.

How do I configure the application ?
Have a look to the Project's configuration page. It explains all the options and how to work with them.

Why should I write comments in my source code ?
First, you need to comment your source code for you, and others if you share your source. It helps understanding what you have done, and how. Units, classes and members description (with TAGs) will give a overview of their role in the application. Make a modification on an older part of the code is easier if the code was commented, especially if your are not the creator of the source.
Second, comments will help you to architecture your application. If you have difficulties or can't explain what you just write (or better what you are going to code), it's time to review your system !

Is it really free ?
Yes of course. The application and the source code are free, see the GNU GPL page to understand the licence details.

Why are you doing this ? and for free !
Well, I'm working with some great tools for C++ language, but I found nothing similar for Delphi. If you watch the Links page, you will see a list of other applications, but they are commercial products, or don't satisfy my needs. So, I decided to create mine, and to share it with other people. So, if you enjoy the software, have idea of improvement or just want to speak, contact me !

What if I don't like this application ?
Well, you could contact me and explain why, maybe submit ideas to improve the software. I will try to correct and add all features you want if could justify it. You can also help me in the developement and correct the things you hate, see Get involved page !

What do I need to re-compile the source code ?
You need Embarcadero® Delphi® 2010, JCL and JVCL great library, and the source code ! Have a look to the Developer's FAQ to get all the details.

Who are you ?
My name is TridenT, I'm a french guy who want to contribute to the FREE - GNU - DELPHI community, to share my knowledge with other people, and to always learn ! That's all you need to know :o)