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*The first sentence of each doc comment should be a summary sentence, containing a concise but complete description of the API item. This means the first sentence of each member, class, interface or package description. The Javadoc tool copies this first sentence to the appropriate member, class/interface or package summary. This makes it important to write crisp and informative initial sentences that can stand on their own.

*The rest of the description is the explaination and goes beyond the summary. The best member names are "self-documenting", meaning they tell you basically what the item does. If the doc comment merely repeats the member name in sentence form, it is not providing more information. For example, if method description uses only the words that appear in the method name, then it is adding nothing at all to what you could infer. The ideal comment goes beyond those words and should always reward you with some bit of information that was not immediately obvious from the name.

  Handle BDF Files

  BDFfont is a library to handle BDF font (Bitmap Distribution Format file)
  font with Delphi.
  This library will solve the lack of support for bitmap font on MS-Windows.
  A complete documentation and few examples are also available.
  Get last revision at :
  Copyright TridenT 2003 - Under GNU GPL licence

  @Author TridenT
  @Version 2003/08/16 TridenT v0.1 Initial revision
  @Version 2003/08/18 TridenT v0.2 Added Transparency and Space char cap.
  @Version 2003/08/24 TridenT v0.3 Added a message when loading a font.
  @Version 2003/09/02 TridenT v0.4 New storage method (fast and tiny)
  @Version 2003/09/10 TridenT v0.5 Added function to autosize a text

unit u_BDFfont;