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JavaDoc TAG @param

@param parameter-name description
Adds a parameter to the "Parameters" section. The description may be continued on the next line. This tag is valid only in a doc comment for a method or constructor.
The @param tag is followed by the name (not data type) of the parameter, followed by a description of the parameter. By convention, the first noun in the description is the data type of the parameter. (Articles like "a", "an", and "the" can precede the noun.) An exception is made for the primitive int, where the data type is usually omitted. Additional spaces can be inserted between the name and description so that the descriptions line up in a block. Dashes or other punctuation should not be inserted before the description, as the Javadoc tool inserts one dash.
Parameter names are lowercase by convention. The data type starts with a lowercase letter to indicate an object rather than a class. The description begins with a lowercase letter if it is a phrase (contains no verb), or an uppercase letter if it is a sentence. End the phrase with a period only if another phrase or sentence follows it.

  Configure the User output and Debug output to inform about the status
  The TDOCProject class is very separated from the external user interface.
  But in order to inform about the state of the project, it needs to know where
  to display informations. This could be a visual control, or a file or whatever
  containing a TStrings reference to work.

  @param dmUser  Where User messages will be written
  @param dmDebug Where Debug messages will be written

procedure TDOCProject.SetDestinationMessages(const dmUser, dmDebug: TStrings);