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JavaDoc TAG @return

@return description
Adds a "Returns" section with the description text. This text should describe the return type and permissible range of values. This tag is valid only in a doc comment for a method.
Omit @return for procedure and constructors; include it for all other methods, even if its content is entirely redundant with the method description. Having an explicit @return tag makes it easier for someone to find the return value quickly. Whenever possible, supply return values for special cases (such as specifying the value returned when an out-of-bounds argument is supplied).

  Build the project by creating the output files
  It verify if the project is ready to be build, and then call the Generator
  by the execute method.
  Additionnaly, the project's State is set to psBuilt if successfull
  @return TRUE if succesfull, FALSE otherwise

function TDOCProject.Build: boolean;