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JavaDoc TAG - @Throws

@throws class-name description
Adds an "Exception" subheading to the generated documentation, with the class-name and description text. The class-name is the name of the exception that may be thrown by the method. This tag is valid only in the doc comment for a method or constructor. If this class is not fully-specified, the Javadoc tool uses the search order to look up this class. Multiple @throws tags can be used in a given doc comment for the same or different exceptions.
Not functionnal: To ensure that all checked exceptions are documented, if a @throws tag does not exist for an exception in the throws clause, the Javadoc tool automatically adds that exception to the HTML output (with no description) as if it were documented with @throws tag.

The @throws documentation is copied from an overridden method to a subclass only when the exception is explicitly declared in the overridden method. The same is true for copying from an interface method to an implementing method.

Test ClassProcedure !
@throws IExcept Unterminated string !!!

procedure TNewClass.ClassProc;
  raise Exception.Create('Unterminated string: ');