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Project's configuration

Project's options explanation (Configuration panel)

Here is a description of the options listed in the configuration panel.

  Application options
Control the application and the way it works
  Bools as Checks
It is just a visual option. You can choose if you want boolean value displays as text of checkbox.
  Launch Browser after Build?
If you want to launch the default Web browser after a successful documentation build.
  Input options
Affect the input file and the way they are understand (parsed)
  JavaDoc Prefix (only one character)
Normally, the JavaDoc syntax is defined by a block /** ... */
The begin-comment delimiter is specific for JavaDoc. In DelphiCodeTodoc, you can define exactly which character will define the JavaDoc syntax.
This prefix can be different for BracketStart comment, Curly comment and Inline comment. If you don't want a prefix, just delete the char, so it will be replace by '#0' which is empty char.
  BracketStart Prefix (*
Prefix for BracketStar block comment
  Curly Prefix {
Prefix for Curly block comment
  Inline Prefix //
Prefix for Inline block comment (and also EndOfLine)
  Parse Implementation Section
You can enable the process of implementation section. It so, it will search TAG comments in the whole file, instead of only in unit interface section.
For the moment, this option is in read-only, so it will always parse the implementation section.
  Project's Name
Name of you project. It can be a single word, or a phrase. But remember it will be the base name for all output generated file (HTML), so you should avoid special char.
  Project's Title
Title of the project. Not avaible for the moment

Project's Author
Name of the author of the project's documentation

  Project's Summary
A short single lines description to explain your project. These informations will appear in the Project's index output file, under the "Summary" section.
  Project's Description
A multi-lines description to explain your project. These informations will appear in the Project's index output file, under the "Description" section.
Enbling Recurse directory will search into ALL sub-directories from the root you provide.
This is the base folder where you have your source file.
In Read-only mode for the moment.
  Output options
Affect the output files and the way they are written (build)
  Alpha sort of members
Sort all members (units, classes, class members, constants ...) alphabetically in the table list.
  Comment syntax recognition
Specify which comment syntax will be extract from the source code. This option is Read-Only for the moment, as only JavaDoc and Inline comments are recognize. Futur development will include Jedi-style support.
  Hide empty block from report
With this option ON, you will hide from report an empty Constants or functions block for example.
  Hide empty TAG section from report
Sometimes, you don't need to fill all TAGs in comments. This option will hide it instead of displaying an empty section.
For example, if there is no Author's TAGs in a unit, the section will be hidden.
  JavaDoc support options
Special options for JavaDoc syntax
  Skip first TAG line in comment block
Skip the first line of a JavaDoc block. It is usefull when the JavaDoc block is decorated in the first line.
  Skip last TAG line in comment block
Skip the last line of a JavaDoc block. It is usefull when the JavaDoc block is decorated in the last line.
Language of the documentation. Read-only, Forced to English
  Member visibility filter
Show or hide members depending on their visibility (Private, Protected, Published or Public).
  Output filtering category
Here you can define what you want in the documentation. Each item-type can be show or hide, from classes to variables.
  Output Folder
Folder where he documentation whill be create. It is define at the prokject creation, ans cannot be changed.
  Output Format
Change the output format of the generated documentation. HTML and CHM are available today.
  Warn when TAG are empty
If a TAG is empty (or mising), without this option, a blank line will be written in the TAG section.
You should turn it ON to have a warning message in the documentation explaining that not TAGs were found.