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Translation How To

Getting started
Anyone can translate DelphiCodeToDoc into his or her mother tongue. The required steps for translation are the followings:

1. Notify you as Translator
Before you start translating, send me an email or write your NickName, email and language you plan to work on in the Translation Forum.
This is an important step, because I will add you to the Translation in-progress list and make sure two translators do not work at the same time for the same language.

2. Get the last translation file
Download the template file with English message here.

3. Choose your translation tool
Download poEdit and install it under MS Windows or GNU/Linux. poEdit is my recommended choice, as it makes it really easy to maintain your translation. When you save your work, it saves the .po file but also automatically writes an .mo file each time. You will need these two files after, so keep it !
You can also work with a simple text editor, by editing the po file manually. You will find some help here.

4. Translate the .po file
As a first action, please edit the file properties (Catalog/Settings). Select correct language and country. Project name is DelphiCodeToDoc, email address should be yours if you which to publish it.
Enter your translation strings.
In poEdit, clicking on the save button will automatically compile the po file into a mo file.

5. Test the translation
Just rename and copy the mo file in the directory as show above. Launch the application, and select the "Language" menu.

  appdir/DelphiCodeToDoc.exe DelphiCodeToDoc application EXE
  appdir/locale/da/LC_MESSAGES/ Danish translations example
  appdir/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/ German translations example
  appdir/locale/de_AT/LC_MESSAGES/ German translations for Austria example

The directory names for the different languages are either just the two-letter ISO 639 language code or a combination of the ISO 639 language code and the ISO 3166 country code.
In the above example, if the program was running on a German computer, it would first search for the de_DE directory, and then for the de directory because de_DE does not exist.

6. Send the translated file
When the translation is finished and reviewed, send your po and mo files to me. I will do my best to publish your files quickly. The translations will be available for download in the Translation summary, and it will be include in next major revision.

Updating your translations
###Under Construction###